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Ultra Low Freezers

Designed to reach the high demands of scientific and laboratory research. Advanced engineered designs incorporate the latest in temperature control and monitoring features. Provides the latest in technology with the best in customer satisfaction. Our Ultra Lows are effecient, affordable, and perfect for any and all laboratory needs. 


Temperature Rating ranging from -40 °C to -86 °C.

Single Stage Compression Circulation System.

Microprocessor Controller with LCD Display. 

USB Data Transfer Port, Micro Printer for Digital Read Outs.

High/Low Temperature Alarm, Door-Open Alarm, and Power-Off Alarm.

Solid Door with Insulation.

Size Options:

388L/13.7 cu. ft.

538L/19 cu. ft.

768L/271. cu. ft.

Ultra Low Spec Sheet


Ultra Low Upright Freezers Standard Features

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