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Who invented Air Conditioning

Modern air conditioning was not the first form of air conditioning ever employed by humans. Before air conditioning several things were done. Ice was hauled to less temperate climates from more temperate ones. The roman aqueducts actually ran through some buildings purposefully cooling them. In the Han Dynasty prisoners were employed to operate the first rotary fans ever recorded. But you are interested in modern Air conditioning invented by Willis Carrier. The namesake Carrier is still “carried” by a manufacturer of air conditioning.

Willis invented modern air conditioning in 1902 in America. He did not however, sit in a hot room thinking “I am hot how can i fix this”. Willis was conditioning air to improve the consistency of production for a printing press. Paper swells and shrinks with relative humidity and ink performs inconsistently in changing temperatures and humidifies. His method of air conditioning did not operate as modern equipment. Air was simply blown passed cold water coils to produce the effect.

It was around 1920 when the home unit was being popularized. The introduction of this technology help to encourage a migration of Americans into its warmer climates. The most surprising thing about the invention of air conditioning is the same principles were utilized 50 years previous to the invention of air conditioning to produce ice.

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